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Frequently used rubrics:


  • College Essay

Write one! Give me the prompt for it, too, if you could.
STANDARD: Use a writing process to develop an appropriate genre
STANDARD: Write pieces related to educational development, career issues, and civic participation

Making a Difference

  • I Am the Messenger

  • "A Modest Proposal"

"A Modest Proposal" by Jonathan Swift

1) A zipped Pages worksheet in which you must identify rhetorical devices in "A Modest Proposal":

STANDARD: Read and evaluate texts, within a grade appropriate span of text complexity, by applying knowledge and strategies of comprehension and vocabulary.

2) Create your own "Modest Proposal," which should be at least 500 words long, and which will be scored using the expressive writing rubric. The essay must aim at shocking its audience for a good cause. It must also use at least three of the rhetorical devices Swift employs.

STANDARD: Use a writing process to develop an appropriate genre

STANDARD: Apply rhetorical skills and demonstrate the use of structures and conventions (MUGS)

Looking for Love

  • "The Wife of Bath"

Background on Canterbury Tales

"The Wife of Bath" Poem and Resources

Modern Translation of The Wife of Bath's Tale

Virtual Tour of Canterbury Cathedral

Please download and use these annotations to help you with the worksheet above:

  • Sonnets and Courtly Love

Quiz over the definition of "genre," "convention," and courtly love sonnet conventions

  • The Importance of Being Earnest

Earnest Act I Vocab

  • "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"

    Personal ad.

The Evils of Science and Industrialization

  • Romantic poetry - Wordsworth, Coleridge

  • Frankenstein

Violence, Murder, and Entertainment

  • Hamlet

  • Beowulf