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General Rubrics and Checklists:


Common Assessment: Analyzing Rhetoric

Things you'll need to do the common assessment:

National Public Radio - "This I Believe"

Podcast Editorial

Opinion on National Public Radio

Youth Radio on National Public Radio (This contains both news stories and editorials.)

Youth Radio (This site is pretty dynamic, but isn't well organized.)

Please see the Expressive Writing Rubric and Expressive Writing Checklist for this assignment.


"Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" vocabulary

"Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" Response

Please download "Sinners" and make the following comments on the speech in Adobe:
1) Highlight a part of the sermon that captures or relates to that central idea. Explain in an attached note what that central idea is in your own words.
2) Highlight a rhetorical device or structure that's effective (or not effective). Is it persuasive? Does it effectively support an idea that the whole essay is trying to get across? Explain why it does or doesn't work in a small paragraph on an attached note.

Downloading "Sinners" as a PDF: When you click on the document below, it will probably appear on your browser. You need to find the download option towards the bottom of the screen (it will appear when you run your cursor over it) to bring the document up in Adobe.

Salem Witch Hunt Story

Check out this video on McCarthyism:

A somewhat less engaging but historically accurate video on McCarthyism: